The Punk Rock Club EP

by The Unlovables



The Unlovables' first-ever release. Listen with kindness, we were just kids :)

Recorded by John Fewell at The Loft Recording Studio in Bronxville, NY.
Released on Knock Knock Records.
Cover art: Photo by Andrew Dailinger. Layout Elizabeth Roles. Logo by Mike Fireballl.


released January 1, 2002

Bass & vocals: Hallie Bullit
Guitar: Christian Tattle Tale
Drums (Track 1): Mikey Erg
Drums (Tracks 2-6): Jordan Lovelace



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The Unlovables Brooklyn, New York

The Unlovables are a band from New York City. They played pop punk back when it was really cool, and kept playing it when it became profoundly uncool, and are still playing it now that it's relatively cool again. Current members: Hallie, Mikey, Frank, and Fid! ... more

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Track Name: I've Cried 4 U
when i first saw you at the show
i felt this love begin to grow
but i watched my dreams unfurl
when i saw you with that girl
and i’ve cried 4 u
let me show you i can be
the kind of girl you want to see
very first when you wake up
and last at night when your eyes shut
and i’ve cried 4 u
it’s sad when you’ve been alone as long as i’ve been
when you’re a her, and you never seem to have a him
it’s sad when you’ve been alone as long as i’ve been
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
flipside panned your new cd
but you still mean the world to me
what do they know anyway?
after all they’re from l.a.
and i’ve cried 4 u
Track Name: Vacation
we’re both so busy we work so hard and
i never see you it’s totally retarded
when we’re together we’re both so tired
sometimes i wish we’d just get our asses fired
cuz that way you and me we could hang out all day
do what we wanna do we gotta find a way
let’s go on vacation
let’s go on vacation
i’ll make all the reservations, no cancellations
time for vacation, whoa
go to the zoo and we’ll ride the llamas
or stay in bed, never change out of pajamas
we’ll scream our heads off on a roller coaster ride
or make even more noise by stayin’ inside
i’m sick of sharing i want you to myself
let’s run away and reclaim our mental health
let’s go on vacation
there’s no time for hesitation
no time for deliberation, procrastination
gotta go on vacation, whoa
you and i know
if weezer can go
on holiday than so
can we, lets’ go
you and i know
if belinda and the go-go’s
can go on vacation than so
can you and me, it’s time to go
they’ll be no aggravation no agitation
stress or frustration
and our only destination is rest and relaxation
for the duration
we gotta go on vacation, let’s just go on vacation
time to go on vacation, whoa
Track Name: Crazy About You
all i know is that every single time that you call me
all i really wanna do is jump up & down
put on my favorite records
and dance around my room like a kid
all i know is that every time that our eyes meet
all i really wanna do is rip off yer pants
got all these fucked up feelings for you
on which i can't keep a lid
don't you see it's hard for me to explain
why it makes me smile just sayin your name
i don't know why, it makes no sense
dude this is so intense
i'm crazy about you
all i know is that ever since the first time you kissed me
i save the messages you leave on my machine
play them back when i'm blue
and then i'm not so blue anymore
all i know is that when it's late and night and we're talkin
i don't ever ever wanna hang up the phone
and when i do
i kiss the receiver, i don't know what for
i don't even go out much anymore
everyone compared to you is a bore
i'm happy sitting in my room
writing stupid songs about you
when we're alone god i'm a mess
i can feel my heart pounding thru my chest
i'm short of breath can't understand
why i'm so crazy about you
but i just am <3
Track Name: The Mike Herrera Song
from the 1st time i listened to
"move to bremerton" i knew
that you were quite simple-y
the rock n' roll boy that was meant for me
as i listened to your sweet words i thunk
this boy's not like any other punk
all that sensitivity made me swoon
i dreamed that i would meet you real soon
i watched the video for "doin time"
your angel face looked so sublime
and i must blush as i confess
i paused the part where there was a shot of your a**
and i love how to furrow your brow that way
it lets me know you mean every word you say
i see such sincerity in your eyes
i know you wouldnt be like all the other guys
oh mike herrera
i love you this i swear-a
i find it so unfair-a
that i can't make you aware-a
i know you're into the jesus thing
you got all these songs about god bein king
but how am i gonna get thru to you
that this agnostic needs lovin too
every time there's an mxpx show
something comes up and i realize i cant go
how am i ever gonna meet you this way
my star-crossed romeo who's writing this play
oh mike herrera
i love you this i swear-a
i find it so unfair-a
that i can't make you aware-a
i wanna make you pasta with marinara
and let you sleep with my teddy bear-a
each night i say a prayer-a
to god or buddha or whoever's there-a
i'm not tryin to scare ya
i just want you to know how much i care-a
to you my heart and soul i bare-a
oh mike herrera
*instrumental/vocal canon that sounds like bees*
oh mike herrera
i love you this i swear-a
i find it so unfair-a
that i can't make you aware-a
the thought of havin to share ya
makes my poor heart wanna tear-a
i wanna see you in your underwear-a
you and me should be a pair-a
(move to nyc we'll hang out
move to nyc we'll go all out)
Track Name: The Way I've Treated You
will i go to heaven or will i go to hell
with all the shit i've pulled it's really hard to tell
sometimes i sit around just pondering my fate
and i think about heaven and i hope it's not too late
well i've tried to be good and i've tried to be true
but i'll prolly go to hell for the way i've treated you
i tried to warn you that i was selfish and rude
you wouldn't listen but i guess by now i've proved
i hog the covers every night we lay in bed
and i made you eat me out more than i ever gave you head (!)
believe me when i say i never meant to make you blue...
how did you get to be such a glutton for punishment
sometimes i swear you must get some sort of sick enjoyment
but for all the times i've treated you like sh*t i'm afraid
there'll be a price i must pay
or maybe instead of hell i'll be reincarnated
be brought back as a lab rat or even worse a deadhead
i'm sure there's something in store for me the day that i die
cuz karma's a bitch and so am i
i felt so luck on the day that you i found
i'd never met somebody so easy to push around
i'd make you stand there while i practiced my kung fu
and when i'd fart in public i'd always say it was you
when you're up in heaven way up in the sky so blue
i'll be rotting down in hell for the way i've treated you
Track Name: Punk Rock Club, R.I.P.
i guess we just thought that you'd always be around
i guess we took you for granted
since you've gone we don't know what to do with ourselves
we're just bored and disenchanted
i guess i just want to thank you for the good times
every single drop of sweat and every bruise
this town just won't be the same without you around
since you've gone the punks are all singing the blues
why'd they close the punk rock club
we went to the show but the doors were all locked up
rest in peace my beloved punk rock club
there's an empty building where you once stood
and i was walking by there just yesterday
i thought to myself how can this possibly be the same place
where i last saw the ramones play
i guess i just wanna thank you for the good times
every single kiss and every broken heart
this town just won't be the same without you around
it's depressing walking down st marks
cuz we laughed and we cried
and fell in love inside your walls
and we danced to all our favorite bands
and spent our last dollars at the merch stand
we talked and we sang
and made some of our best friends
and when someone went down
we'd lend a hand
now there's nothing but phish tributes at the wetlands